Coconut shell charcoal briquettes are manufactured by carbonizing waste coconut shells, creating consistently sized briquettes that are ideal for every barbecue. These high-performing briquettes are not only great for the planet but also as fuel, as they burn hotter and last longer than ordinary charcoal. They produce no smoke, sparks, or odors, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor household use, as well as for grilling in restaurants and BBQ houses. Additionally, they are ideal for use in food industries and metallurgy. Coconut shell charcoal briquettes can be used for stove fuel, incense, guacharo, wood burning, hookah smoking, and more.


Granular coconut shell charcoal is made from coconut shells that are high in carbon. Heat, in the absence of oxygen, is used to manufacture them by carbonizing waste coconut shells. The materials come from old coconut shells, marked by their dark brown color when viewed from the slit side. Old shells have higher carbon content and lower water content. The coconut shells that will be used are cleaned first, removing the fibers and dirt attached to them. Then, they are dried under the sun to ensure that during the charring or carbonization process, minimal smoke is produced, simplifying the carbonization process. The charcoal resulting from carbonization is then ground to obtain a smaller size. To achieve uniform size, it is sieved through a 60-mesh screen.



Sawdust briquette charcoal is manufactured by turning previously unused by-products, such as wood waste collected from sawmills, into a usable energy source. The wood waste is compressed into briquette form using a hot mold under high pressure with a screw mechanism. This combination of pressure and thermal energy causes the resin to bind the wood waste, resulting in sawdust briquettes with a much higher density than that of natural wood. The briquettes are then prepared for the carbonization process. This involves placing them in a specially designed kiln for 3-5 days at high temperatures. Initial cooling is carried out within the kiln itself, followed by external cooling using a cooling chamber. Finally, the charcoal is cooled and ready for packing.


Lump charcoal is made from natural wood that has been converted into charcoal through various methods, such as burning without oxygen to char the wood without consuming it during the process. Visually, lump charcoal resembles charred remnants found in the forest after a fire. Lump charcoal comes in various sizes and shapes, with small pieces, charcoal dust, and even small branch chunks typically found in a single bag


Specifications of Our Coconut Shell
Charcoal Briquettes

We proudly present the specifications of our premium coconut shell charcoal briquettes, a high-quality product crafted through meticulous and innovative processes. Our coconut shell charcoal briquettes provide an environmentally friendly solution for heating and charcoal grilling needs, specially designed to deliver optimal performance and outstanding efficiency.

2+ hours burning time

Our briquettes are produced from carefully selected high-quality coconut shells. The choice of premium raw materials ensures consistent results and enhances burning efficiency.

1.6% ash content

By minimizing dust production and enhancing durability, we're not only improving user experience but also reducing waste, making our charcoal briquettes an eco-friendly choice.

Free from Cracks

One of the standout qualities of our briquettes is their robust construction. They are formulated to withstand the rigors of transport, storage, and usage without easily breaking apart, providing you with consistent performance.

Free from smell & odor

Our product is specifically designed to emit minimal smoke and odor when burned. This creates a more comfortable and environmentally friendly heating experience, suitable for various settings.

650 °C of burning temperature

Our charcoal briquettes are manufactured using a state-of-the-art production process that blends advanced technology with local wisdom. The result is dense and compact briquettes with high density, providing longer burning times and stable temperatures.

100% coconut charcoal without chemicals

Manufactured without harmful chemicals, our product is a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional charcoal. By using coconut shell charcoal briquettes, you contribute to environmental preservation.

Ignite Excellence with Our Coconut Shell Charcoal Briquettes

At the heart of our briquettes lies the essence of pure coconut shells

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Introducing the epitome of quality and innovation – our Specification of Coconut Shell Charcoal Briquettes.